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Congratulations for 100% Result in Class X and XII
Published on 18th July 2017

Published on 24th June 2017

Published on 8th June 2017

Published on 7th April 2017

Published on 17th March 2017
The shortlisting of candidates for class I would be done on 22.03.2017 instead of 18.03.2017

Published on 17th February 2017

Published on 13th February 2017

Published on 9th January 2017
In the leadership of Mr. K Sasindran , Asstt. Commissioner KVS Raipur Region, the Two day work Shop (9-10 Jan,2017) on " Back To Basics" is going on in the KV Bilaspur, The 45 participants from various vidyalaya are participating for same

Published on 26th November 2016

Published on 15th August 2016
Mr. J R Dash Principal KV Bilaspur was Chief guest in the Occasion

Published on 30th March 2016

Published on 11th March 2016

Published on 22nd February 2016

Published on 22nd January 2016

Published on 15th November 2015
Various competition are being organised by the library department

Published on 31st October 2015

Published on 21st October 2015
Please go through the file attched and act accordingly........

Published on 31st August 2015

Published on 3rd August 2015

Published on 7th May 2015

Published on 24th March 2015
please visit the admission info under RTI Link

Published on 12th March 2015
Regarding Class -I Admission for session 2015-16

Published on 26th February 2015

Published on 2nd February 2015
Schedule for session 205-15 admission and admission form

Published on 19th December 2014
The following studets of our vidyalaya participated in the camp are
1. Ankita Sharma XII Sc,
2. Prerna Bhagat, XII Com
3. Shristy Twari, XI Com
4. Shreyanshi, XI Sc.
5. Chandrima, XI Sc.

Published on 11th December 2014
Regional Level 42nd Jawahar Lal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition / Seminar for children 2014-15 inaugurated by Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner Smt. P. B.S.Usha Raipur region on 11.12.2014 at KV Bilaspur, Which will be held up to 13.12.2014, 42 schools of the region participating the same.

Published on 29th November 2014

Published on 18th November 2014

Published on 5th November 2014
Kendriya Vidyalaya Bilaspur welcomes
Hon'ble Asstt. Commissioner KVS RO Rapur shri K Sasindran and Annual Academic Inspection team

Published on 26th July 2014
Two day Orientation program on e-CTLT for nodel teachers of Bilaspur cluster were successfully conducted on 26-27 July under guidance of six Master Trainers

Published on 26th April 2014

Published on 11th February 2014

Published on 7th December 2013
Coaching Camp will start from 9/12/2013 for Throw Ball U-19 for KVS Girls National Team which will participate in SGFI-2013 held at Kabirdham CG

Published on 30th November 2013

Published on 13th September 2013

Published on 27th August 2013

Published on 4th May 2013
Summer Vacation from 5/5/2013 to 23/06/2013.

Published on 11th February 2013
SA2 & Session Ending Exam will be start from 11/03/2013

Published on 31st January 2013
Annual Academic Inspection on 31/01/2013 by Jabalpur Region.

Published on 28th January 2013
CMP Cluster Level Cultural Comptition

Published on 23rd January 2013
CMP Cluster Level Meeting

Published on 15th December 2012
Annual Academic Inspection on 17/12/2012 & 18/12/2012.

Published on 8th November 2012

Published on 1st November 2012
Annual sports-2012 will be start house wise on 2/11/12 to 9/11/12.

Published on 25th October 2012
Half Yearly Exam will be start from 16/11/2012 of class 11th .

Published on 17th October 2012
Autumn break start from 19/10/2012 to 28/10/2012

Published on 28th August 2012
CMP meeting will be conduct of Bilaspur Cluster on 29/08/2012 in Vidyalya campus

Published on 21st July 2012
Ist Unit Test Will be start from 23/07/2012 to 28/072012 for class XI & XII.

Published on 30th June 2012
FA-I will conduct on every monday for class III to X from 02/07/2012 to 06/08/2012.

Published on 27th June 2012

Published on 25th June 2012

Published on 21st April 2012
Vidyalaya timing changed for students from 21-4-2012 today due to extent heat.
New timing is from 7:00 am to 11:30 am

Published on 19th April 2012
Today School is visited by Dy. Commissioner Mr. S.S. Rawat and Team R.O.Raipur

Published on 27th March 2012
New session will be start 2-4-2012

Published on 24th March 2012
Result will be declare on 30-03-2012

Published on 12th March 2012
It is inform to all Register your firm for supply various materials for the session 2012-13 in Vidyalaya.

Published on 6th February 2012
Date Sheet for Session Ending Exam, Class - XI, & SA - II, Class IX & X, March, 2012 is declared.Exam will be start from 3-3-2012

Published on 11th January 2012

Published on 15th December 2011

Published on 14th December 2011

Published on 14th December 2011

Published on 15th October 2011
Miss Akansha Bhoi Class 12 & Miss Sakshi Shrivastava Class 8 selected for SGFI in swimming

Published on 30th September 2011
Autumn Break from 3/10/2011 to 12/10/2011

Published on 29th August 2011
Teachers Day will be Celebrated on 05/09/2011

Published on 19th August 2011
Regional Level Football start form 20/8/2011 to 22/08/2011

Published on 15th August 2011
Regional Level Youth Parliament from 18/08/2011 to 19/08/2011

Published on 11th August 2011
Tommrrow Group song compdition(Patriotic Song) under CCA Activity

Published on 4th August 2011
Parents meeting For student of class 12th students in vidyalya campus at 6-8-2011 timing 7:50 to 9:00 am

Published on 1st August 2011
VMC Meeting will be on 05/08/2011.In Presence of Chairmen & other committee members in this meetting in vidyalya campus.

Published on 1st August 2011
Soumitra Chokroborty (Ex-Student K V Bilaspur)got First Postion in CG-PMT.Congratulation for his achievement from vidyalay family.

Published on 29th July 2011
Debat compdition postpone because First Unit Test is going now next will be declare as soon as possible .

Published on 25th July 2011
Ineternationational Informatics Olympiads-2011 wiill be held on 2nd Sept\\\'2011 last date of registration is 30/07/2011.

Published on 25th July 2011
Debat compdition will 29-07-2011 under CCA.

Published on 23rd July 2011
4 Scouts & 4 Guides will be going on 26-7-11 for pre rajya purasakar testing camp at K V Raipur No2 from 27 to 29-7-2011

Published on 15th July 2011

Published on 4th July 2011
First UNIT TEST will be start last week of July

Published on 31st March 2001

Published on 31st March 2001

Published on 31st January 2001

Published on 31st January 2001
Practical Exam of Class 12th between 1st to 15th feb

Published on 31st December 2000
IIIrd Unit Test will be start from 11-02-2011

Published on 31st December 2000
Enroll today! ThinkQuest International competition 2011 announced Visit

Published on 31st December 2000
IInd Preboard Exam will start from 10-01-2011 of Class 12

Published on 30th November 2000
FA-3 for Class 3 to 10 & Half Yearly Exam for XI &
XII will be Start form 25/11/2010

Published on 31st October 2001
Pratham and Dwitiya sopan Testing Camp starting today at 3:00 p.m. in our Kendriya Vidyalaya Bilaspur and it goes on from 12-11-2010 to 14-11-2010.

Published on 31st July 2001
Sports Meet Cluster Level from 17-08-2010 to 18-08-2010 for kho-kho Girls

Published on 30th June 2001
First Unit Test will start from 2-8-2010

Published on 30th June 2001
Quiz Competition for Seniors under CCA activities at 02-07-2010

Published on 31st May 2001
List display of Selected Candidate for Class XI of all stream admission date 21-06-2010 to 23-06-2010

Published on 28th February 2001
New session will be start from 1st April 2010

Published on 28th February 2001
Result will be declare 29-03-2010 of Session Ending Exam(Class I-IX & XI).

Published on 28th February 2001
Admission form available for class 1 contact school office(Last Date 20-03-2010).

Published on 31st January 2001
Prize Distribution(AEP) for Role Play,Speech & Poster Competition on 3-2-2010

Published on 31st January 2001
Community Lunch for Primary Students on 6-2-2010.

Published on 31st December 2000
Practical Exam of AISSE-2009-10 starting form
1-2-10 to 15-2-2010

Published on 30th November 2000
III Unit Test starts on 27.01.2010

Published on 30th November 2000
II PreBoard starts on 05.01.2010 to 16.01.2010

Published on 30th November 2000
Remedial Classes for slow learners started from 23.12.09 to 01.01.2010

Published on 30th November 2000
Annual Sports start from 21/12/2009-22/12/2009

Published on 30th November 2000
Ist PreBoard starts on 09.12.09 to 19.12.09

Published on 30th November 2000
Half yearly Examination is starts from 10.12.09 to 21.12.09

Published on 30th June 2001
two Students Participated

Published on 30th November -0001
Students from 12 KVs participated

Published on 30th November 2000
selection of four students

Published on 30th November 2000
Four Students Going to Pachmarhi to attend Trekking program

Published on 30th November 2000
A group of thirty students with three escort teachers left for K.V.Kusmunda on 22.10.2009

Published on 30th November 2000
Formation of Integrity Club, allotment of Groups and group motto, 30 students got involved as per the circular

Published on 30th November 2000
By the Collector, Chairman VMC & eminent personalities of the city

Published on 30th November 2000

Published on 30th November 2000
Teachers Day

Published on 30th November 2000

Published on 30th November 2000
School level Science Exhibition , and Science Quiz

Published on 30th November 2000
parents teachers meeting conducted for class X and XII students, Progress of their wards discussed and co-operation sought for betterment of result

Published on 31st July 2001
Social Science Exhibition School level at 11-08-2009