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 Ratanpur (25 km)-

Welcome to one of the most religiously-celebrated, architecturally superb and culturally rich temple of south-east India: Shri Mahamaya Devi Mandir, Ratanpur. Mahamaya Devi. Situated at 25 km away from the city of Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) on the Bilaspur-Ambikapur state highway. The most important of these are Mahamrityunjaya Panchmukhee Shiv Mandir and Kanthi Dewal.

Out of the many other temples in and around Ratanpur, the important ones are the Bhairav Mandir, Lakhani Devi Mandir, Vrideshwar Nath Mandir (aka Budha Mahadev), the Girijabandh Hanuman Mandir and the Ram Tekri Mandir.

 Nandan Van (140 km)-

-Nandan Van is a nature center located at 16 km away from the city of Raipur. It is spread in an are of about 10-hectare. It was established to provide shelter to stray wild animals .It is also a biological park which houses common forestry plants. It also consists of small zoo . The center has now proved to be a important tool to create awareness among the urbanites.
-By train to raipur then hire privat car.

 Kutaghat(33 km)-

It is a dam situated at 12 km by road from Ratanpur and Located about 33 kms from Bilaspur city on the Bilaspur Ambikapur National Highway it has matured into a picnic spot over the years. This dam is built on Kharoon river and used for the irrigation of whole area.
It is a good picnic spot and situated 32 kms. from Bilaspur near Ratanpur. Here,you can visit a dam and a reservoir which is built in Kharung River and the beautifully located �Hill Top Rest House�overlooking the vast expanse of the blue-water-reserveoir is choosen by many for accomdation.

Nearest Airways : Raipur

Nearest railway station : Bilaspur

 Lafarge Temple(70 km)-

Lafagarh is situated around 70 kms away from Korba(Chhattisgarh).

Lafagarh Fort, located on the highest peak of Mekaal Mountain,it is situated at a height of 3060 height on the hill top.The fort lies on the Korba-Bilaspur road. It was constructed by Raja Pratwidev First.

The fort has three main entrances which are named as Menaka, Humkara, and Sinhadwar.A small temple, situated at the main entrance of the fort, is noteworthy. Another point of attraction is the big dome supported by five rows of pillars with each row having five pillars. The main outer door of the fort is called Jhandi or Dinda door. The second door is popularly known as Manka Dawar whereas the third one is called Hukhra Dawar.


Kanan Pendari----It is a small zoo situated near Sakari, approx 8 kms.from Bilaspur on Mungeli Road. Here,you can see various types of wild animals ,it is a good place for amusement.White Bear of Marwahi range is main attraction here.

 Achanakmar(55 km)-

Achanakmar----It is a wildlife sanctuary,situated at 55 kms. from Bilaspur on Amarkantak route. It was stablished in 1975,and spread over an area of 551 sq. kms. It is found closed during the monsoon season. It is mainly hilly area and the altitude ranges from 200-1000 metres.Leopards,Gaurs.Wild Bear,Tiger Anthera,Hyaena are the main attractions here. The Achanakmar wildlife sanctuary was constituted in the year 1975 it comprises of 557.55 North west forest block of Bilaspur forest division . forest vegetation mainly comprises of sal , saja, tinsa, bija , bamboo.the sanctuary is close to Amarkantak which is the origin of river Narmada and serves as an ideal habitat for a variety of wild animals like Tiger, panther. gaur, chital , barking deer, wild bou, bear etc.

General Information

Best time to visit : November ? June

Accommodation : Forest cottages, Forest Rest Houses.

How to reach : Rail ? Pa

 TALAGRAM(25 km)-

-TALAGRAM - Talagram is famous for \"Deorani-Jethani\" temple and is situated appx. 25 Kms. from Bilaspur on Bhojpur-Dagori road. The another name of Talagram is ameri-kapa gram. There is a wondeful statue present in the temple which is approximately 7 ft. height , 4 ft. width and weighed 8 tons. People from all corners of the world come to see the statue. There is no any name has been given to that statue even after several years. -BY TAXI OR BUS
 Chaiturgarh(70 km)-

Chaiturgarh----It is also known as Lafagarh,it is 70 kms.from Bilaspur.situated at a height of 3060 feet. It was constructed by king Prithvidev first.Archaeologist consider it as one of strongest natural fort.It has 3 main entrances named as Menaka,Humkara & Simhadwar .At the c entre of fort , there is an ancient Durga Temple.Shankar cave, which is 25 feet long is another attraction here.Due to its natural beauty,it is also called the Kashmir of the Chhattisgarh.

 MALLHAR(14 km)-

-MALLHAR - This is a prime archaeological site,approx 30kms. from Bilaspur .Here you can see the Temple of Didneshwari,Devri,Pataleshwar & Jain statues. Four headed idol of Lord Vishnu is another attraction.Malhar has a archaeological museum also.

(Saravpur) Once open a time the Saravpur was the State of Capital of ancient Chatishgarh. It is approximately 14 Km. away from masturi block on the way of from Bialspur to Raigarh. At this place remaining found of the period from appx. 1000 BC to Culturi regime. The temples of 10 th and 11 th century old are seen here. Among those Pataleswar kedar temple is one of them where Gomukhi sihv ling is the main point of attraction. The Didneswari temple of Culturi regime is also found. Artisitc idols are found in Deor temple. At this place, there is mesuem having good collection of old sculpture being managed by Central Govt -BY TAXI OR BY BUS

 Belpan-45 KM

--Belpan is situated in Bilaspur district .It is famous for narmada kund used by pilgrimes for holy deep occasionally.
 radhika water park-25 km

radhika water park is established recently at the border of kargiroad kota.where all sorts of water enjoyments are available.
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